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Vegan & Vegetarian Marshmallows

Trying to find vegetarian and vegan-friendly sweet treats can be something of a nightmare. Like many sweets, regular marshmallows contain gelatine, a product derived from the collagen contained inside animal skin and bones. It is used in sweet products (and many others) as a gelling agent, and even if you aren't a vegetarian, thinking that your sweets contain animal parts isn't that pleasant!

Fortunately, here at Goodness Goodies, we have a wide range of vegan & vegetarian marshmallows, and other sweet treats too. All of our packs of marshmallows are completely gelatine free, so they are ideal for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who doesn't fancy the idea of chomping on some pig skin! We have normal-sized vanilla or strawberry marshmallows, and we also sell mini vanilla marshmallows, which are perfect for baking some rocky roads or floating on the top of your hot chocolate for a further indulgence. We also sell handmade organic Madagascan vanilla marshmallows if you're looking for something even more natural.

We have made it our aim to provide yummy sweet treats that anyone with a restricted diet can enjoy, so if you're a vegan, vegetarian, allergy-sufferer, or following a restricted diet for health, religious or moral reasons, we're confident that you'll find something to enjoy in our online store.


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