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So Free Chocolate Bunny


So Free Bunny Bar has all the taste of dairy milk, but without the dairy! A yummy blend of cocoa solids, sugar and rice milk. This dairy free Bunny Bar is made in the Plamil factory which never uses any nuts. This Bunny Bar is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and only uses organic and Fairtrade ingredients.

Allergy advice:

- Dairy Free
- Organic & Fairtrade
- Suitable for vegans
- Nut free


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Plamil are passionate about producing food that is made to the highest standards possible. Plamil say they are more than a brand as they actually make products in their own factory. Thus giving control over every aspect of production. Plamil say “our customers should be able to enjoy food, knowing that every care is taken whilst in production, but also have complete assurance about both the purity of ingredients that goes in to making a product, as well as assurance that no other ingredient is present as well”.

This means standards are high and gives total control to Plamil over what is in the products ensuring the ‘free from’ range are exactly that. Ideal for those who are on a restricted diet due to allergies, ethical reasons or for religious purposes.

Plamil originally set up in the 1960’s to produce an alternative to dairy milk. Plamil “produced milk from plants, the original ‘soya milk’ called Plant Milk.

Plant Milk became Plamil Foods”. Plamil Foods have been making chocolate for over ten years now, but much has changed since those early pioneering days. They have refined and improved the cocoa supply in co-operation with their organic farmers and subtlety improved the methods they use to make their fine chocolate. Plamil Foods now has a wide range of superbly refined chocolates and organic flavours, cocoa percentage content, and Fairtrade cocoa bars for you to choose from.


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