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Original Organic Dairy Free
Easter Egg


This dairy free Easter egg is made from an organic, dairy free alternative to milk chocolate in a factory that has only ever been used to make dairy free products. The Moo Free eggs now come with dairy free rice milk chocolate buttons. Very cute and kid friendly, these Easter eggs are always a winner with dairy free or vegan kids, so don’t leave it too late to order yours.


Organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic rice powder, organic cocoa mass, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) & natural flavouring.
Contains cocoa solids 42% minimum.
Made with fair trade sugar & cocoa.

Allergy Advice:

May contain traces of hazelnuts,
Dairy free,
Soya free
Lactose free,
Gluten free,
Wheat free,
Egg Free,
Casein free,
Vegetarian and vegan


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“Moo Free was founded in 2010 by Mike and Andrea Jessop, two years after trying to develop the perfect dairy free chocolate. The company’s aim was to make a quality tasting milk chocolate without using cow’s milk. They wanted to ensure vegan children and those with dairy allergies or intolerance could have seasonal products such as advent calendars and Easter eggs that tasted and looked as good as more traditional milk based chocolate products.

Moo Free is a fun brand with characters that appeal to children. Moo Free are a manufacturer of a large range of delicious, dairy free and vegan chocolates that are made using rice milk rather than cow’s milk. The Moo Free products taste just like chocolate but rest assured does not contain any milk. The products are all made in a completely dairy free environment. The Moo Free products are made using organic and fair trade ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging is used”.

Moo Free dairy free chocolates are also:
• Gluten free;
• Wheat free;
• Lactose free;
• Casein free (phosphoproteins found in mammal milk)
• Suitable for vegetarians and registered vegan.


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