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Goodness Goodies
ByAngel and Urchins 06/2013

Goodness Goodies was set up to make life simpler for vegetarians and those with allergies.The number of children with allergies in the UK has increased significantly over the past few decades. In almost every classroom there is a child who has some sort of food allergy, the most common allergens being milk and eggs. We think these sweet treats are truly fantastic.
Goodness Goodies stock products including:
-allergy friendly treats
-dairy free chocolate
-gelatine free sweets and jellies
-gluten and dairy free brownies

Goodness Goodies want to ensure that people with restricted diets have easy access to treats and dairy free chocolate via our online sweet shop. Products are also for people wanting more natural, wholesome and organic treats.
Yummy yummy Goodness Goodies Hail a new family-run online sweet shop with a difference
By Families South West 02/05/2013

Goodness Goodies is all about making life sweeter for children and adults with allergies, vegetarians and vegans, stocking a range of allergy friendly treats, dairy free chocolate and gelatine free sweets together with healthy and gluten-free snacks. “Life is challenging enough for children with allergies,” says Goodness Goodies founder, Mandy Chowdhary. “Our aim is to ensure that children with food allergies can enjoy delicious treats and celebrate special occasions such as Easter and birthday parties, alongside their family and friends.”

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