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Nice Gelatine-Free Sweets

There are many people who have dietary restrictions, either for health, moral or religious reasons. Here at Goodness Goodies, however, we don't believe that your food limitations should mean that you have to miss out on tasty treats. This is why we have set up our online shop to sell sweets and chocolate which is free from the products that you might not be able to eat. Our range of goodies includes nice gelatine-free sweets, nut-free chocolate and dairy-free chocolate, so if you have allergies, are a vegetarian or can't eat pig-based products (which includes most regular sweets), you'll definitely find something tasty in our online shop! Our gelatine-free range of sweets includes all the classic favourites, such as cola bottles, gummy bears and sour gummies, and we also have a fantastic selection of marshmallows too. Our range of nut and dairy-free chocolate bars also include no added sugar versions, as well as tasty alternatives to milk, dark and white chocolate. We also have flavoured chocolate, such as orange and mint, and dairy and nut-free chocolate drops for if you fancy a bit of baking. If you're interested in finding out more about our yummy goodies, or just want to see what we've got for you, then head on over to today!


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