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Halal Treats

Everyone needs a treat at some time, but it can be hard to find tasty halal treats as most sweets seem to contain gelatine and other meat by products. It can be jading to have to keep checking the ingredients on sweet packets just to find something to give your children or snack on yourself, but by buying your sweets from us here at Goodness Goodies, this monotony can all end.

All of our sweet products contain no gelatine or meat by products at all, so you can be confident that there won't be any pig by products, meaning they are suitable for those following a halal diet. You'll be able to find plenty of yummy gummy sweets and jellies, including classics such as gummy bears, as well as marshmallows. There is something to suit all tastes, from our Organic Tutti Frutti Gums through to Sour Mix and Match bag and our Organic VegeBear's Frooty Fruits Pastilles. As many of our products are organic, you'll be getting a more natural treat than the traditional sweets for sale which are too often laden with artificial flavourings and colours.

We offer reasonable delivery charges in line with Royal Mail's latest prices, but we are also happy to accept collection if you are local to Forest Hill. Just drop us a line at to arrange local collection or delivery before you order.


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