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Delivery Postage as at 31 March 2014

Delivery charges

At Goodness Goodies we simply charge you what it costs us to use Royal Mail delivery service or a courier service. We don’t make any money from the postage costs. If you pay a price on postage and it turns out to be less, then we always refund you any excess paid. Royal Mail base their prices on weight and size of parcel.

Price of order Cost of postage Weight Delivery service
Orders up to £16 £3.00 Up to 1kg Royal Mail
Orders up to £26 £3.00 Up to 2kg Royal Mail
Orders up to £35 £5.00 Medium Parcel Courier
Orders over £35 £5.60 Medium Parcel Courier

If you wish to make a large order, then let me know what you require so that I may give you a more accurate postage cost. I will need your postcode to work this out for you.

If you live outside of the UK we can still send our products to you. Again let me know your requirements and country so that I may work out the cost of postage for you.

If however, you are local to Forest Hill and want to save on delivery, then you can collect your order from me. Just drop me an email at prior to ordering. I can also arrange to deliver locally for less than Royal Mail’s postage cost.

Happy shopping.

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