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Sometimes it helps to know a little about the company behind the products. A bit of background about their origins, ethos and what their products mean to them may help you to decide what to buy. This page aims to do just that.

Biona logo

Biona’s range of sweets are very tasty and include family favourites like cola bottles and jelly snakes. These vegetarian friendly sweets are free from gelatine and are gluten free. Biona, are part of Windmill Organics Limited.

“The Biona brand is the country’s largest organic range born over 20 years ago out of a wholefood store and restaurant.

Biona say that “our ethical organic brands bring you all that’s best in organic grocery products. We are passionate about taste, health and the environment. We believe food is inspiring; it delights the senses, excites the imagination, brings people together and creates pleasure. All our products are organic, GMO free, suitable for vegetarians (many are vegan), with no artificial additives. We ensure 100% traceability, from farm inspections, raw material supplies, right through to the finished product. As a result we can guarantee the supply of consistently high quality foods, ethically produced with respect for the environment, for you to enjoy”
Candy Kittens 

Candy Kittens

“In the Spring of 2012, Jamie Laing alongside his role on award-winning reality TV series, Made in Chelsea, launched Candy Kittens, an innovative, gourmet sweet range that set out to focus on quality. Using the best possible natural ingredients, and authentic flavours in beautiful packaging, the brand hasn’t looked back since.

“As I grew up, I found that the sweets I liked didn’t grow up with me.”

The confectionary challengers identified there was a big gap in the market for a grown-up, exciting sweet. At one end of the spectrum were cartoon-clad bags for kids, with the alternative being dull, boiled sweets, often found in a grandparent’s car. This was the perfect space for Candy Kittens”


Celtic Choices
Choices dairy free confectionery is made by Celtic Chocolates in Ireland and is described as ‘a delicious alternative to milk chocolate’.

“Founded in 1990, Celtic Chocolates initially specialised in the manufacture of gourmet after dinner chocolates, boxed chocolate and Easter eggs, winning many Great Taste Awards for its milk and dark chocolate mint crisps. It continues to make this range which has grown to include No Added Sugar options – all sold under the Celtic brand.

Over the last 5 years Celtic Chocolates has evolved into a significant supplier of free from chocolate products to the mainstream grocery retail sector in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The factory at Summerhill is totally free from ingredients & raw material containing gluten, wheat and egg and there are no nuts in our ingredients/raw material or allowed onto the premises for personal consumption.

We continue to manufacture our gourmet milk chocolate products in both conventional and ‘No Added Sugar’ versions and have a robust control system in place against cross contamination of our free from products. We are particularly proud of our free from range which brings the delights of chocolate and cocoa based confectionery to significant groups of people who suffer from food allergies and intolerance, in addition to people who have decided to reduce or limit their consumption of wheat, gluten, milk and egg for dietary or lifestyle considerations.”

Dandies Logo 

Dandies Marshmallows
Dandies are an American brand and are made by Chicago Vegan Foods. Who manufacture all their own products in their own facility using entirely vegan staff. Unlike some companies Chicago Vegan Foods do not contract others to produce products for them thus making it completely free of any cross contamination. This means no dairy products, animal products, tree nuts, and peanuts ever enter their factory giving our vegan and allergy-sensitive customers complete peace of mind.
Freedom Confectionery

Freedom Mallows
Freedom Mallows was created by a renowned British food scientist and loving grandfather of 13. He noticed his grandchildren had a great love for marshmallows and became passionate with creating a marshmallow that was free from, tasty and completely vegetarian for all to enjoy no matter what their dietary requirements After years of development and testing Freedom Mallows was born, a delightfully tasty vegetarian Marshmallow.
logo Goody Good Stuff

Goody Good Stuff
Goody Good Stuff’s slogan is “Giving sweets a good name”. “Goody Good Stuff’s all natural gummy range is made using a plant derived bio-gum technology that eliminates the need for animal-based gelatine.

Goody Good Stuff say “over the last 15 years, we have worked to develop a food technology, which allows us to remove the gelatine from gummy candies while still producing a deliciously smooth and clear consistency. This makes our product range a first and only of its kind in the market.
“The sweets combine the highest quality blend of ingredients including natural fruit juices and extracts which create a beautifully clear consistency and a superior taste experience and what's more we have removed all of the nasty E numbers and other allergens which are present in most conventional sweets, making these sweets a great, natural choice for you and your family. The entire line: is vegetarian, fat-free, meat-free, dairy-free, nut-free, Halal and Kosher certified”.
logo Jealous Sweets

Jealous Sweets
“At Jealous, we make shamelessly tasty sweets. Set up by two mates to bring some fun back to the everyday, our junk-free sweets are made for everyone to enjoy. We’ve scrapped the gelatine, synthetic flavours, artificial colours and unappealing packaging. We’re obsessed with giving you the best, which is why we make our sweets without fakery or fluffy animals”

Jealous Sweets Mission

“To make you a hero! So just sit back, breath, relax, smile and let us sweeten up your lives! Whether an afternoon pick me up, a sweet treat with a cocktail or a sugar-free hit after the gym, we’re here to help reinvigorate your everyday and take on the confectionary giants”.
logo Just Wholefoods

Just whole foods
"Just Wholefoods was started 22 years ago by Anne Madden and James White, both committed vegetarians. Their objective was to provide good quality vegetarian foods that were free from artificial colourings and flavourings, something that was sadly lacking in those days. As the company grew they began to realise the benefits of eating and growing organic food and they started developing their products to the strict rules of EU organic food production.Over 80% of their products are organic and any future products will be organic, unless there is a very good reason for them not to be.

Even with the rapid growth of organic products in the UK they still maintain the ethics with which they started. One of the big issues affecting food is genetically modified (GM) which Just Wholefoods are vehemently against and all of their products are free from any such modified ingredient”. Their biggest success has been winning the Confectionery and Snacks Category of the 2000 Organic Food Awards with VegeBear's - fruit jellies. "We were thrilled to win the award, especially as it is in such a competitive category," says James. "We have never won anything like this before and it came as a complete and utter shock to us both."
logo Moo Free

Moo Free
“Moo Free was founded in 2010 by Mike and Andrea Jessop, two years after trying to develop the perfect dairy free chocolate. The company’s aim was to make a quality tasting milk chocolate without using cow’s milk. They wanted to ensure vegan children and those with dairy allergies or intolerance could have seasonal products such as advent calendars and Easter eggs that tasted and looked as good as more traditional milk based chocolate products.

Moo Free is a fun brand with characters that appeal to children. Moo Free are a manufacturer of a large range of delicious, dairy free and vegan chocolates that are made using rice milk rather than cow’s milk. The Moo Free products taste just like chocolate but rest assured does not contain any milk. The products are all made in a completely dairy free environment. The Moo Free products are made using organic and fair trade ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging is used”

Moo Free dairy free chocolates are also:
• Gluten free;
• Wheat free;
• Lactose free;
• Casein free (phosphoproteins found in mammal milk)
• Suitable for vegetarians and registered vegan.

Plamil logo

Plamil are passionate about producing food that is made to the highest standards possible. Plamil say they are more than a brand as they actually make products in their own factory. Thus giving control over every aspect of production.

Plamil say “our customers should be able to enjoy food, knowing that every care is taken whilst in production, but also have complete assurance about both the purity of ingredients that goes in to making a product, as well as assurance that no other ingredient is present as well”

This means standards are high and gives total control to Plamil over what is in the products ensuring the ‘free from’ range are exactly that. Ideal for those who are on a restricted diet due to allergies, ethical reasons or for religious purposes.

“At Plamil we take pride in our products, extra time is taken, using carefully selected ingredients to produce the best possible tasting bars. No animal, dairy, wheat/gluten or hidden ingredient is ever used.

From his UK based Vegan Chocolate Factory Plamil's Vegan Managing Director Adrian Ling says:
I am proud that as an independent chocolate manufacturer we can be truly innovative. The selling points of these bars are unique; lots of cocoa, no added sugar, dairy and gluten free! We teamed up with top London nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston to develop this special dairy- free version of our tasty chocolates.
Yvonne asked if we could create a magic version of our dairy-free chocolate that she could happily recommended, with the no sugar, lower carb, higher protein and perhaps some essential fats, but still retain the delicious flavour of chocolate.
Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston comments:
This really is guilt free with all the health benefits and none of the drawbacks of sugar or artificial sweeteners - at last we really can have our cake and eat it. Despite Xylitol's awful chemical sounding name, the health benefits of this sweetener used in the recipe, discovered in Finland during the war are abundantly backed up by 50 years of research. It's not only good for your teeth but evidence shows it may be good for your bones too”. (Copied from Plamil website)

Sweeet Vegan logo

Yummy Earth

The founders of Yummy Earth are “two dads with young children. Born out of commitment to feed our families a diet rich in delicious healthful foods free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes.

We believe YumEarth tastes better because we choose real fruit extracts and planet friendly ingredients grown on sustainable family farms to sweeten our lives and yours...and because we love spectacular flavour and hand craft all our flavours to make them all tart and bright and delicious!

YumEarth treats are made with all-natural ingredients, no artificial colours or artificial dyes, no GMO's, and no gluten, peanuts, or tree-nuts, just award winning taste. YumEarth organic lollipops and organic drops are kosher parve as well. Yummy Earth tastes much better than mass produced chemical candy because we choose real fruit extracts and planet friendly organic ingredients to sweeten our lives and yours. Yummy Earth. Good for us. Good for Mother Earth”

The Raw Chocolate Company logo

The Raw Chocolate Company


Sweeet Vegan logo

Vantastic Foods

Vantastic Foods offers products that do not contain genetically modified organisms. They offer the highest quality without genetic engineering and also dispense with artificial colouring and preservatives. The products contain no artificial flavour enhancers.

Fabulous Freedom Factory logo

Fabulous Freefrom Factory

“The Fabulous Freefrom Factory lovingly creates unique Dairy Free Delights, using homemade traditional methods. We are award-winning confectioner's, our raison d'être is to create dairy-free sweets and treats that tickle your tastebuds.

Our challenge is to make sure you can’t tell the difference between our sweets and those that contain dairy”.

Fabulous Freedom Factory logo


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