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About us

About us Seren Our Purpose

At Goodness Goodies we cater for people with allergies, vegetarians and vegans. Our aim is to ensure that people with restricted diets have easy access to ‘free from’ treats via our online sweet shop. We don’t want to see anyone excluded because of their allergies or diet choices. We wish to mainstream our products making them accessible for everyone. We therefore, stock a number of products for people who simply want a more natural, wholesome and organic treat. You don’t have to have an allergy or be a vegetarian to enjoy our treats.

How we began

I understand just how important diet is from health, religious and moral perspectives. I grew up in a vegetarian household before marrying someone who has a range of fruit and nut allergies.

These experiences together with witnessing a very close friend struggling to switch to a gluten free diet have been my inspiration for Goodness Goodies. While sweets and chocolates are clearly treats, all kids and adults deserve the occasional treat. My aim is to provide easy access to a range of treats, suitable for vegetarians and those with restricted diets, that you won’t find on the average high street.

We are based in SE London and we hope to be selling our product range not only online, but also in the local shops and cafes in and around Forest Hill and East Dulwich.

Goodness Goodies launched in October 2012 and we really value your feedback – good or bad. It could even be on suggestions for products. Just email me at

I started Goodness Goodies because of my exposure to allergies and the impacts they have on our lives. I now have to read labels very carefully, in restaurants think about the ingredients and carry an EpiPen for my daughter. I want therefore, to mainstream those everyday treats and sweets that kids and adults enjoy, but have trouble sourcing. I know one mum who told me she had to go to a health food shop in Soho to buy some diary free chocolate buttons.

In time Goodness Goodies hope to stock a wide range of allergy friendly products, not just sweets. So do let us have your ideas on products you would like to see. Take this as an opportunity to make a wish for you or your child and I will see if I can grant it for you.

Spread the word

If you know someone with a food allergy or restricted diet or a person you think would prefer organic, natural treats, why not let them know about Goodness Goodies.


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